The mission of the George-Little Rock School District is to provide quality education by promoting lifelong learning.

George-Little Rock Community School District
George-Little Rock Community School District07/06/2020 @ 15:50

GLR's school registration is now open online. Go to our school website at for complete instructions on how to register. Registration is open until August 3rd. For those unable to register online, we will be having an in-house registration to help...

08/19/2020 @ 15:10
Since we were not able to do it last year with Covid, we celebrated recognition of Staff Service.
Cathy Bonestroo- 5 years
Brian Luenberger- 10 years
Ruth Ackerman- 15 years
Dawn Arends- 25 years
Bridget Dickman- 25 years
GLRnews photo
08/13/2020 @ 14:39
We have been busy busy at school!!! Looking forward to everyone coming back. Check out some pictures below of the many projects we have going on!
07/29/2020 @ 13:49
GLR/CL Cross Country season begins soon. Attached is the August Calendar for practice times:

If you would like information about GLR schools or if there is any way we can assist you, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to give you more information about any of our schools.

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