G-LR Hard Surface Only Bus Route Procedure

The weather has been challenging. To date, we have had six late starts and six cancelled days of school. We hope to complete the required amount of instruction prior to Memorial Day.

In anticipation of additional inclement weather and soggy roads that may become impassable during the spring thaw, we have developed a procedure/protocol for rural students to be picked up on hard surface roads only.

If your student lives on a gravel road, on days in which we announce for “hard surfaces only bus routes,” we ask that you bring your student to the nearest hard surface road that is on the normal route for pick up if possible. If travel is not possible on your gravel road, please do not take a chance or put you or your child in danger, but rather keep your child at home for the day. It is always any parents’ prerogative to keep their child at home if they consider the weather to be too dangerous for travel. All such days will be excused when you call the district for each case.

If you wish to make arrangements with the transportation coordinator in advance, please contact Ashley Eben at 712-348-4451 or ahuisman@george-littlerock.org.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact John Eyerly, Superintendent at 712-475-3311 or jeyerly@george-littlerock.org.