Mission, Vision & Beliefs

George-Little Rock Mission Statement

The mission of the George-Little Rock School District is to provide quality education by promoting life long learning.

George-Little Rock Iowa Core Vision Statement

1.) Each and every K-12 student will be taught the essential concepts and skill sets identified in the Iowa Core Curriculum for life in the 21st century.
2.) Each K-12 educator will embed the essential concepts and skill sets in rigorous and relevant instruction informed by ongoing formative assessment.
3.) Each and every educational leader will support and ensure an aligned system of curriculum, instruction, and assessment focused on the ICC essential concepts and skill sets.
4.) The Iowa Department of Education, Northwest AEA, George-Little Rock School District, parents, community, business leaders and students will work together to provide the necessary systems of support for each student’s success.

George-Little Rock Beliefs

We belief that:

1.) all people can learn and succeed;
2.) every person is a valued participant in the life long learning process;
3.) application of knowledge enhances learning;
4.) the basic moral attitudes of the community will be reflected in our educational program;
5.) all people must learn to adapt to change;
6.) all people have worth;
7.) quality education is the foundation of a productive society;
8.) education plays a vital role in developing a well-rounded individual
9.) education must take place in a safe environment; and
10.) high expectations are a must.