DRAMA (website)
Purpose: The drama department provides students with the opportunity to experience the energy and enthusiasm of the theater.  Students are provided a wide range of activities revolving around the production of the fall play/musical.  Students can participate as actors, the assistant director, backstage hands, make-up artists, costume designers, and stage crew.  The production of play allows students to work together toward an ultimate goal and emphasizes the importance of teamwork.

Membership: Open to all G-LR students.
Timeline: September through November. 

Purpose: The large group speech team provides students with the opportunity to perform as a team in a competitive atmosphere.  Eight separate categories accommodate the interests of any student.  This team allows students the safety of performing as a group, while at the same time teaching the fine art of communication, a skill that will follow them throughout their lifetimes.
Membership Requirements:  Open to all G-LR students.
Timeline: November through February.

Purpose: The individual speech team is the final opportunity for students to perform, but on an individualized basis.  Students can select from 13 distinct categories, allowing versatility in participation.  Individual speech teaches that communication is a vital skill that will accompany them throughout their lives.
Membership Requirements: Open to all G-LR students.
Timeline: End of January through April.

FFA (website)
Purpose: The primary aim of the FFA organization is the development of agricultural leadership, cooperation and citizenship.  FFA members are challenged with many opportunities that range from livestock evaluation, officer positions, public speaking, leadership camps, participation in SAE program and many more agriculture related contests.  FFA members receive travel opportunities for education and social enrichment.
Membership Requirements: Students must be enrolled in an agriculture education class.  Students are encouraged to participate in and cooperate with an individual SAE program.
Timeline: September through May. 

Purpose: To teach students another style of music in a smaller group situation.  Jazz offers students the opportunity to explore the world of improvisation and experiment with the capabilities of their instrument.  It will build confidence through solo playing and responsibility from contests and other performances.
Membership Requirements: Must be a member of the concert band and will be chosen by auditions.
Timeline: October through May 

Purpose: To provide students with cultural experiences related to Spanish speaking people.  Members participate in annual activities to experience Spanish cuisine and/or Spanish cultural programs available to the local area.  On alternating years, Spanish Club members travel to Mexico to practice their Spanish speaking skills while mixing with our international neighbors.
Membership Requirements: Must be enrolled in Spanish class.
Timeline: September through August.

Purpose: To represent the student body in various school activities and to encourage student input in school policy and government affairs.  The student council is responsible for various school activities such as student dances and pop/candy machine supervision.  Primary emphasis is put on homecoming activities, but the student council also participates in other special projects throughout the year.
Membership Requirements: Eligible students are elected by class or club members and/or the entire student body.
Timeline: September through May. 

Purpose: To provide vocal music students possessing outstanding rhythm and singing ability a chance to perform with choreography in a small group atmosphere.  The group serves as an excellent public relations instrument through its participation in church and area social events.  They are responsible for presenting part of a major fund raiser for our music department; that being the annual swing show.
Membership Requirements: Must be an active member of mixed chorus.
Timeline: September through May.

Purpose: This organization is responsible for the coverage of all school activities involved in a school annual.  Students construct yearbook pages, take pictures, and work on the computer.
Membership Requirements: Open to all G-LR students.
Timeline: September through May.