GENERAL SCIENCE                                         

Full Year Course-2 credits

Grade Level: 9

Prerequisite: none

This course includes units in all of the natural sciences.  Units will cover principles in physical science and earth science.  The course concludes with a unit on management of natural resources.  The course includes laboratory activities, cooperative learning labs, and current societal issues involving science and technology



Full Year Course-2 credits

Grade Level: 10

Prerequisite: General Science

Biology presents to students the fundamental theories of life sciences.  This course will explore living organisms from uni-cellular to humans.  Lectures, partner labs, cooperative learning labs and hand-outs will comprise the majority of the class curriculum.  Dissection labs of the minor animals studied also receives special emphasis.  Ecological relationships, biological advancements and the problems created by these concepts are also discussed.



Semester Course-1credit

Grade Level: 11-12

Prerequisite: General Science and Biology

Forensic Science is the application of science to law.  Forensic Science applies the knowledge and technology of science for the definition and enforcement of such laws.  Students have an opportunity to solve crime scenes by various methods and utilizing topics in biology, chemistry, physics, archaeology, anthropology.



Semester Course-1credit

Grade Level: 10-12

Prerequisite: General Science

Students will take an in depth look at the environmental problems our planet is facing, and come face to face with the importance of finding solutions to these problems.  We will study issues with population, waste, climate change, loss of biodiversity, destruction of habitat, alternate forms of energy, and thinking critically about what the future of this planet looks like, and if we can learn to sustain what we have.  Through discussion, research, collaboration, and questioning we will put a face to the major issues faced in Environmental Science.



Semester Course-1 credit

Grade Level: 11-12

Prerequisite: General Science and Biology

Students study conservation, ecology, wildlife management, and the business behind preserving species.  We study topics like hunting, allowing top predators greater territories, urban coyotes, invasive species, the importance of saving species, and what jobs are available to take part in this evolving and growing field.  We take a look at specific mammals, birds, and plants of the area, what research is being done, and how we can contribute our own research.  The goal of this course is to help cultivate an appreciation for habitats lost, like the prairie and many of our wetlands, and how we can contribute to their re-establishment.



Full Year Course-2 credits

Grade Level: 11-12, elective

Prerequisite: Algebra I, Algebra II (or concurrent enrollment in Algebra II)

Chemistry is an essential course for students planning on college work in science or in becoming a health care professional.  Chemistry is also recommended for any student planning on attending a four year college or for those students who simply desire a better understanding of the physical world.  Students should try to take this course as a junior for scheduling purposes although seniors are also encouraged to enroll.  It is suggested that students have taken at least Algebra I in order to provide the necessary mathematical background.


The central theme of chemistry is that the properties of matter are a consequence of the structure of matter.  Students will focus on understanding chemical theories and verify these theories through mathematical analysis.  Students are encouraged to use reasoning skills throughout the course.

Laboratory experiences in which the students are active participants will take place approximately once per week.  Daily teacher demonstrations, if possible, will help students visualize the concepts learned in the classroom.  As a result of this class, students should increase their awareness and understanding of the vast amount of chemistry surrounding us everyday.


ADVANCED BIOLOGY                                     

Full Year Course-2 credits

Grade Level:  11-12, elective

Prerequisite: Biology

This class is an advanced life study of the human body.  The class is lab based with lecture and cooperative groups oriented with a computer lab of the body entitled “Body Works.”  The class is geared for students who are considering a career in the medical field or are planning to attend a school of higher learning and wish to obtain an advanced background for further science requirements.  Labs will constitute approximately 1/4 of class contact time.  Guest speakers and visitation of college service days and hospitals also supplement the curriculum.



Full Year Course-2 credits

Grade Level: 12, elective

Prerequisite: Geometry and Algebra II (or concurrent enrollment in Algebra II)

Physics is a physical science course usually offered to seniors.  Geometry and Algebra II are recommended as prerequisites in order to provide the necessary mathematical skills.  Physics is an essential course for students considering engineering, pre-medicine, and other science careers.  Physics is also applicable to students interested in certain vocational fields such as automotive mechanics.

The course will focus on understanding physics concepts through mathematical analysis.  Major topics include: force, motion, energy, sound, light, electricity, electromagnetism and motors, and modern physics.  Students will perform labs approximately once per week and, if possible, daily teacher demonstrations will help to visualize and reinforce physics principles.  As a result of this class, students should gain an appreciation for the vast amount of physics around us everyday and be well prepared for further science education.