Other Course Offerings


Summer course-no credit

Grade Level: 9-10, elective

Prerequisite: Student must be 14 years of age

To receive a license before age 18, anIowaapproved driver’s education course must be completed.  This class consists of a minimum of 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of behind-the-wheel driving.  These are requirements of the State Department of Public Instruction.  Students are given credit on their transcript for completion of this course, but no credit toward graduation from high school is given.  This class is offered during the school year.


PHYSICAL EDUCATION                                  

Full Year Course-1 credit

Grade Level: 9-12

Prerequisite: none

Physical Education is required of all students in high school.  It consists of stretching and conditioning exercises, individual and team sports.  Emphasis is put on physical fitness and included in the program are a number of lifetime sports and wellness activities.  The student will be able to improve their physical, motor, mental and social development in physical education classes.  The total educational development of the individual involves both physical and intellectual growth.  Our physical education program is designed to develop the students through physical growth and provide knowledge for the individual to continue lifelong fitness.



Semester or full year course–no credit

Grade Level: 9-12

Prerequisite: Approval by Principal

Students are selected for SAT to serve as peer tutors or peer helpers.  Peer tutor/helper activities may be scheduled in the high school or elementary.   SAT may be used to meet the six course requirement for students during their senior year with the administration’s consent.


Grade level 9-12 students apply with the Guidance Office.  Students are selected for SAT using an interview process.  Students approved for SAT will be assigned to an adult supervisor.  Grades are pass/fail only.


TAG (TALENTED AND GIFTED)                     

Semester or full year course–no credit for unscheduled activities

Grade Level: 9-12

Prerequisite: Approval by TAG Coordinator and meet TAG Guidelines

The purpose of this program is to provide enrichment opportunities for qualifying students.  Areas for giftedness include artistic ability, creativity, intellectual skills, social development and leadership.  All TAG students are eligible for dual enrollment in college and GLR utilizing the ICN room.  Statewide opportunities includes workshops, advanced placement programs, and comparative SAT and ACT testing.


Candidates must be nominated by instructors and/or peers and have qualifying test scores on the Iowa Tests of Educational Development (ITED) OR THE Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) for incoming freshman.


Students who were previously in TAG may continue their membership if a high GPA or ITED score is maintained.


WORK STUDY                                                                    

Semester or full year course – 1 credit

Work study allows juniors or seniors to work two consecutive periods a day at a work station in the community.  This provides an opportunity for the students to explore an occupational area they may want to pursue following high school or college graduation.  There is no pay for their work experience other than the chance to gain valuable on-the-job training from experts in the field.