Foreign Language

SPANISH I                                           

Full Year Course-2 credits

Grade Level: 9-12, elective

Prerequisite: none

Spanish I is an introductory course in Spanish with emphasis on oral communication, syntax, vocabulary building and pronunciation.  Reading, writing, oral comprehension, listening comprehension and cultural appreciation are also basic study areas for this course.  Historical and geographical lessons, art, literature, traditions and holidays and Hispanic perceptions of life are also part of this basic course.  The present tense is primarily used in Spanish I.


SPANISH II                                          

Full Year Course-2 credits

Grade Level: 10-12, elective

Prerequisite: Spanish I

Spanish II is an expansion of the skills learned in Spanish I and a maintenance of 5 bases (reading, writing, oral comprehension, listening comprehension and cultural appreciation).  More of this course is conducted in the target language then the introductory course.  Additional grammar patterns are included along with the past tense and the subjective tense.  Students will develop vocabulary banks in expanded areas so they may understand more of the language used in oral, printed or video texts.  Successful completion of Spanish II entitles students to a trip to a Spanish speaking country.


SPANISH III                                                         

Full Year Course-2 credits

Grade Level: 11-12, elective

Prerequisite: Spanish I and II

Spanish III is an upper level course designed to “polish” the skills learned in Spanish I and II.  Extended vocabulary banks and compound verb tenses are also an integral part of this course.  It is designed to include some fluency on a series of formal and informal situations on an oral/aural and written level.  An extended part of the cultural aspects includes food, literature, essay traditions and varied beliefs of Hispanic people.  A variety of their sources are also used such as videos, C.D. Rom and computer technology and an oral video interview.  Also includes extended field trips if the opportunity arises..


SPANISH IV                                         

Full Year Course-2 credits

Grade Level: 12, elective

Prerequisite: Spanish I, II and III

Spanish IV is the highest level course designed to review all of the concepts of Spanish I, II, and III and to be able to build upon all of the experience of the previous 3 years.  Students are expected to be able to express themselves orally in the target language on a variety of projects.  They will develop an extended vocabulary which will enable them to read and interpret newspaper articles, magazines, literary selections and oral productions (TV, etc.) art, culture. mature beliefs and traditions are again emphasized.  A variety of texts and other resource materials are used in this course.